What is Cougar Exchange?

Acknowledgment: Cougar Exchange represents the most quintessential financial solution capable of qualifying first-rate standards to provide all the financial features for an independent decentralized financial ecosystem.

Here are the concise overviews of products with the official docs:

Cougar Exchange is the first optimized decentralized exchange developed by the Cougar team to provide an extremely cheap transaction-free and to comprehensively bring efficiency in using capital for users and liquidity providers through many outstanding new features, investors can benefit from greater earnings returns on their capital.

Our goal is to build a policy-controlled decentralized transaction system that provides users with the ability to quickly itinerant DApps from the compatible cross-chain with absolute advantages of the first originating ecology that can be used to optimize stability and consistency of a leading exchange for the peer-to-peer universal paralleled network that facilitates balanced decentralized exchange achievement for flexible and adaptable, allowing for non-customizable and stabilized in current interchangeable architecture modules.

Moreover, the Cougar Exchange adapts inter-connected platforms for a whole DApps combined internal and external ledger, providing users with the lowest slippage trading experience. Ultimately, Cougar Interchange Integrant enabled the counterpart module to form a Decentralized Exchange that enhances the accessible ecosystem and investments from multiple well-known partners.

— From the official Cougar Exchange Docs

Cougar Exchange

The top-level unified decentralized exchange protocol includes the following implementations:


A Module on optimized and full customization of multiple blockchain networks according to the prominent unique-idiosyncratic standard. Cougar Exchange can integrate with it quickly, so that be able to get the trading function with almost every feature for the most effective transact protocol.

Smart Contract

Cougar Exchange contractual deployment mode adopted the compatible operated transition scheme adopted in the initial stage of the blockchain network. The next version implements all the functions of the protocol layer, complements the perfect testing process, and can also be deployed to become the exquisite multi-chain protocol, which significantly expands the applicability of the platform.


It is the original implementation mode of the Cougar Exchange network in the future that allows full-scale blockchain distributed ledger security and profitability for the whole market.

Cougar Exchange dApp

An optimized and user-friendly financial world compatible with most of every blockchain network. So that users can easily interchange digital assets transactions with multiple DEX instances on low slippage.

Cougar Exchange Earnings

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Cougar Vault


Cougar Bridge


Stable Swap

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Flash LP

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Limit Orders

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Cougar Share

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