About us

The Cougar Exchange team is mainly based in Singapore, and all team members absorbed many years of professional experience in the blockchain industry. Its core members are committed to building an international team to expand its global influence.

Our vision

We consider clarity, the idea of produced by thinking to be the single most predominant distinguishing quality to deliver the tremendous significant value likely to have a profound effect on the success and articulate, putting vigorous, determined attempts into making Cougar Exchange go beyond the uppermost layer of facilitating the transaction between networks.

Without exceptions, we will perceive what’s available, but we are not being reserved timidity about the vision ahead. We believe that extraordinary ideas come from anywhere, regardless of seniority and experience. Our team is nominated to be the first decentralized exchanges under Cougar allocations interchange tokens in the full-rate standard of multi-chains afterward. Similar to other AMM DEXs, when trading on Cougar Exchange, we estimated that those who provide liquidity would contribute their assets to the core value of the entire protocol. Meanwhile, we assess back and forth in the Pool enduring enabled Smart's predefined formula contract that has been deployed in the outstanding order books mechanism.

Initially, we considered a good performance when it is always regarded in the market's trading volume. We have successfully implemented is not just a regular Decentralized Exchange anymore, but with our vision combined with the core values of Cougar Exchange to become a liquidity center for users and generate a stepping stone towards a secure ecosystem with lots of useful features in the near future.

Our experience

In fact, experience shows that once the market embraces Cougar Exchange as an investment, it is paramount that we show upside potential for a long enough time for users to adapt to the platform. Our long experience in project formation based on different fields has very well applied a role of a complete protocol with a long-term strategic vision from an experienced team. However, on the other hand, many other factors greatly affect its value, requiring the attention and learning of each individual.

Moving forward with a Strategy

Our research on cryptocurrencies has become very practical once we have drawn up our action-plan strategy. Creating an optimized exchange with super low fees has proven extremely effective in major DeFi platforms. Although there has been a lot of discussion on this topic with our practical experience, it is prudent to look at the positive and followed-works with the strategy because if we go with the flow, Cougar Exchange will win users' trust.

Long-term Involvement

Most normal exchanges do not provide enough support for investors, including advice. As it may seem, even a reputable exchange has a good support network and can help even novice investors. But the important thing is that we successfully applied practical experience so that users do not have to hesitate too much in trading and investing from a transparent trading system with a symbolic small fee flow. In terms of the lowest impact, we expected that Cougar Exchange would satisfy most factors, so we were very confident because we would recommend Cougar Exchange with only a small amount of external influences until users understand deeper into the protocol's core. That has an impact on the type of transaction that users want to make on our platform might define the future of Cougar Exchange.

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