Presently, the number of projects working on cross-chain bridges is increasing daily, demonstrating the real demand from users for the quick transfer of assets between chains. The current situation has opened up many new opportunities for us to form a practical bridge between many different chains. Currently, the purpose of exchanging liquidity from network to network is larger. We are applying a seamless experience between chains that will automatically suggest users make bridge transactions at the cheapest and safest component.

Your utility tokens are on other chains, but do you want to use your assets on Cougar Exchange?

We worked with our bridge partners to support tokens bridged from multi-chain Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Harmony, Fantom, Cronos, etc... with supported tokens for Bridging at the easiest and slightest fees possible.


  • A wallet with networks on both chains RPC installed-in

  • Gas tokens (of the chain you're bridging from and bridging to, e.g., from BSC to Cronos requires BNB and CRO)​

  • If you have no FEE to pay the first bridging fees. Please contact us.

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