Cougar Share

What is Cougar share ($SHARE)?

This is one of the most innovative auto-compounding pools for $CGX as a proportion of transaction fees is used to buy back $CGX and deposit it into the premium reward pool plus a portion of yield emissions.
  • No liquidity is provided for the $SHARE token in the Swap interface
  • Exchange using $SHARE for $CGX
  • $SHARE Tokens will be used as a receipt to maintain the equivalent $CGX token.

How does it work?

  • When you deposit $CGX into the Cougar share portal, you will receive $SHARE as a recognition for the $CGX deposited at a 1:1 ratio
  • You can withdraw $CGX anytime, but you will need $SHARE tokens to perform transaction as your $SHARE tokens will be burned once the transaction has been confirmed
  • You will be able to deposit $SHARE tokens in the Syrup pools to earn our partnership's token once they pass our assessment and earn doubled APR and imply our Yield Aggregator.
  • $SHARE token could be used for IDO launchpad participation (The more $SHARE tokens you have, the higher your allocation you receive)