Syrup pools

Good to know: Every project will be able to distribute tokens via Syrup Pool, but only projects that pass our safety assessment are listed on our DApp interface as an investment option.

Let's take a simpler solution than farming with Cougar Exchange's Yield Farming because you only need to stake SINGLE TOKEN to start earnings.

Syrup Pools allow Cougar Exchange projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to CGX token holders.

Syrup Pool is featured in two sections: Core and Partnership

  • Core will be initially selected by the Cougar Exchange advisory team.

  • The Partnership application portal allows potential and prestige attesting projects to join our platform.

Syrup pools are farming pools that offer rewards generating services to CGX holders in the most competent solution to gain extra profit with ease.

Note: Every project will be able to distribute tokens in Cougar Exchange Syrup Pool interface as an investment option once they pass our safety assessment.

Syrup Pool Protocol will allow prospective projects to receive market attention by issuing tokens to the most active community and will also receive an immediate default listing on the Cougar Exchange priority promotion.

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